Concordia Wellness, LLC, provides expert massage therapy that enhances health and quality of living for a diverse clientele - office workers, athletes, people with all sorts of medical conditions, youthful people and the young-at-heart. The approach for each session is tailored to your circumstances. Treatment may be geared towards stress reduction, pain relief, easing areas of tension, or to address a particular condition. We enjoy working with all populations and prioritize providing a safe space for all bodies.

Kim Magraw - Licensed Massage Therapist (OR Lic. #19492)

oncology massage therapistKim's commitment to healing touch took hold in the summer of 2007. As his grandmother's health waned he witnessed the isolation and absence of caring touch experienced by many elderly and terminally ill. This window of awareness gave him insight into the value of caring touch for humanity as a whole.

Soon afterwards, Kim started his massage therapy education at the Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington, DC. His training totaled more than 700 hours in academic and practical settings, encompassing an array of techniques and modalities with an overall focus on deep tissue and Swedish massage. He has further developed his practice with additional training in oncology massage, end-of-life caring touch, the Trager Approach, Structural Bodywork, Reiki, and more. 

I had a great massage with Kim at Concordia Wellness yesterday! His skill and expertise really helped with a chronic knee issue...The session was balancing, stress relieving and therapeutic. I came out feeling lighter and brighter.” - Trish S., January 2021 (See more reviews here)


Sarah Solano, Licensed Massage Therapist (OR Lic. #26212)

Sarah's love for massage therapy began as a client. This was her first experience building a therapeutic relationship with a health practitioner which she found educational and enriching. An eagerness to learn something new and listen more deeply to her mind and body brought Sarah to East West College of the Healing Arts. Her more than 800 hour in-depth education instilled a strong foundation in deep tissue and Swedish massage, incorporating focused training in modalities such as Neuromuscular and Craniosacral therapies.

Sarah finds great fulfillment in working collaboratively with clients to meet their goals. Through clear communication, she strives to ensure that pressure, pace, and areas of focus are in line with her client’s needs. Because of Sarah's adoration for animals, a dream is to one day expand her massage practice to include working with animals alongside their humans.

Review of Sarah: “[My massage] was wonderful in every way! I feel very rejuvenated and my leg is all better. Thanks again, I really needed that.” - Denise S., February 2021 (See more reviews here)