There are many types of massage therapy and bodywork. Each practitioner brings their own background and style to their work. One could say that there are as many types of massage as there are massage therapists. As a client, you may experience many massages before you find the right match, and your right match may change over time.

Even though the massage experience is unique to you, it may be helpful to know what others have said. Here are some reviews from clients:

"Thanks Sarah!!  Your massage was so good.  My body and soul needed that." - Carey T., December 2023

"I felt amazing afterwards, I definitely needed that bit of self care." - Luda R., July 2023

"I really loved your massage. The next day in my bodywork’s class, I really felt limber and strong." - Kate P., June 2023

“Feel great. Especially my right knee and flexing my neck towards my feet. I was able to kneel quite easily when putting my 5 year-old to bed.” - Cory A., November 2022

"...a moving meditation without words." - L.J., October 2022

“You have the magic touch!  I felt so much release and ease after the massage, it was a wonderful reset.” - Heather C, November 2021

"The work you did Saturday has made such a difference in right hip/knee/leg. Of course it is still sore, but I notice a lot more space, or ease after my massage - particularly across the low back." - Suzanne Z, November 2021

"Yesterday afternoon I had a warm sensation start in my middle back and rise up thru my neck into my head. It was an amazing sensation. My neck feels 100% better & no headache today.” - Lilly, June 2021

"I can't tell you how much better my shoulder/right arm feels after the treatment on Friday. It's the best I've felt in weeks. There's still a bit of tension, but I think there was a lot of build up that I'm hoping the next 90 minute session will help with!" - Elizabeth D., May 2021

"Omg my mom said that was the best massage ever. She told me she fell asleep too . . . Thank you Sarah! . . . My mom said you have a gift for healing." - Randali D., May 2021

“Sarah made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the start. I have only ever had a massage from one other person, so there was a small amount of nervousness going in. This went away the moment she greeted me.” - Anonymous, March 2021

After having reached a breaking point with some pain issues, I decided to seek out massage therapy as part of a holistic approach. I'm so happy I found Concordia Wellness. Kim has a very welcoming calming demeanor from the moment he says hello. He asks just the right questions to get to the heart of the issue, and performs some amazing work with his technique.” - Tim K., February 2021

I had a great massage with Kim at Concordia Wellness yesterday! His skill and expertise really helped with a chronic knee issue...The session was balancing, stress relieving and therapeutic. I came out feeling lighter and brighter.” - Trish S., January 2021

“I woke up to the least amount of pain, and the greatest range of motion I’ve felt in months. Cautiously optimistic I’m on the right path now. Thank you!!” - Renee S., November 2020

"[Kim] listened closely as I explained the reason for my visit and what I hoped to get out of our session. He did a great job, gave me feedback and gave me relief from a troublesome muscle." - Michael B., July 2020

"I’ve had nothing but excellent experiences with Kim and Concordia Wellness throughout the past few years. He’s the best massage therapist and a very kind person!" - Renee M., August 2019

"I so much appreciated the great massage yesterday. Felt great all day yesterday and woke up this morning with easy range of motion and no stiffness. I'll certainly return." - Steve C., February 2019

“It was a great experience and I felt better, haven't had any pain, even after a 6 hour flight.” - Ariana A., August 2018

“Kim is the best massage therapist I have EVER HAD (and I've had a lot) I cannot recommend him highly enough! He was able to get my very tight and sore muscles to become fully pliable in one visit. I feel like I can breathe fully and deeply into my body again! The results are long lasting, and he offers insightful tips for me to maintain the effects after each visit." - Leisa V., March 2018

“Kim provides many personal touches that make for an excellent and relaxing experience! He really takes the time to understand your preferences and goals and works with you to tailor a personalized treatment. His space is very nice, quiet, and calming. I would highly recommend him!” - Kim M., August 2017

“Kim is a delight. He listens to know what's going on with my body, and sometimes knows what's going on before I do… Kim is knowledgeable and effective in his work. He has a calming demeanor and a sincere interest in providing the best care possible. He listens and creates the session to meet your needs. Highly recommended and appreciated.” - Teresa N., July 2017

“Thanks so much for the sacred, healing time!  The massage was so helpful, on many levels.  My back pain is receding, and I think the massage is part of that.” - Ronda M., May 2017

“You achieved something rare! You made my wife content. She said it was all fine and she would have liked to have double that time with your hands! She wants to come back! Congratulations!” - Harry and Debra F., November 2016

"I get a lot of body work done and found Kim to be knowledgeable and very good at his craft. I'm thrilled he takes insurance and that he is so close to my house. Plan to see him regularly."- Juliana S., August 2016

“After waking up with a sore neck, I contacted Concordia Wellness . . . I'm used to massages that involve a certain amount of pain, but Kim's philosophy is quite different. He didn't just focus on my knot, but really paid attention to the area around it and used gentle pressure that was surprisingly effective. My neck's mobility is much improved and the pain is almost completely gone . . . I'll definitely be back again.” - Elisabeth F., April 2016

“I wanted to let you know that my (other) mother-in-law said that you gave a fantastic massage when she went in a couple of weeks ago. That is 3 for 3! I really appreciate you providing such a wonderful environment and experience for all of my moms.” - D. Bradley, September 2015

“Thank you so much Kim!  I feel amazing!  That massage seriously saved me.  And Josh's hamstring is all better - yay!!! :-)  Thank you for always doing such a phenomenal job; I really appreciate it.” - Amanda B., February 2015

“Awesome.  I moved around on the table after the session and I was able to move in a way that I haven’t in a long time.”
“I feel human again.  Now I remember how life changing massage can be.” - Byron S., September and October 2014


Photo Credit: AJ Dexter