Services and Rates

- Treatment-Oriented Massage, Rejuvenation Massage, and Oncology Massage: $75 for 30 minutes; $105 for one hour; $145 for 90 minutes
- Medical Massage Therapy/Manual Therapy: $160/$200 per hour
- Discounts available (see bottom of page)

The Concordia Wellness, LLC studio

Rejuvenation Massage

A relaxing and therapeutic experience providing a pathway to centering and deep relaxation; a mental state that promotes healing, insight, and perspective. Each treatment is tailored to you and may incorporate a variety of gentle and supportive modalities. This treatment uses only Arbonne lotions, cremes, and oils, which are vegan, allergen-free, cruelty-free, and adhere to exceptionally high ingredient standards (visit our “Arbonne Skin Care” page). The benefits of Rejuvenation Massage are wide-ranging and include relief from aches and pains, stress relief, enhanced mental clarity, improved circulation, and greater flexibility. Simultaneously, the use of Arbonne products provides a boost to skin vitality and health, supporting your skin as it supports and protects you.

Treatment-Oriented Massage

Relieves pain, tension, restriction, and addresses poor mechanics in specific muscles, muscle groups, and related soft tissues. The massage is specifically tailored to your situation. Techniques may include deep tissue massage, fascial massage, stretches, various forms of active and passive mobilization, and postural and mobility assessment. Many clients ask: Should treatment-oriented massage be painful? In my experience painful massage is usually counterproductive. Soft tissues do not relax and open while they are protecting and defending themselves from pain.

Oncology Massage

Our practitioner Kim Magraw has been trained in massage for those who are cancer patients and cancer survivors. If this is the case for you, please inform Kim in advance so that we can decide the appropriate type of massage and any precautions to be taken. Please see the "Oncology Massage" page for more information. 

Medical Massage Therapy

Includes assessment, treatment planning, massage therapy, insurance billing and follow up. The cost to the client depends on insurance coverage, co-pay, and deductible.


  • $25 off any five 60 minute treatments
  • $35 off any five 90 minute treatments
  • $60 off any ten 60 minute treatments
  • $80 off any ten 90 minute treatments

Discount for Certain Payment Methods

Payments by cash and check get a $5 discount.

Note Concerning Pay-As-You-Can Massage

Pay-as-you-can massage is not a "sliding-scale" treatment. Any amount given is considered gratuity.