Arbonne Skin Care

Your skin provides essential functions of respiration, protection, elimination of waste, and temperature regulation. Just as we are discovering the importance of a healthy gut biome, a healthy skin biome is now on the forefront of scientific inquiry (see for example an August 2020 article in The New Yorker: "Your Body is a Wonderland")

Our Rejuvenation Massage prioritizes skin health and vitality by exclusively using lotions, cremes, and oils from Arbonne International. Arbonne products are vegan, allergen-free, and cruelty-free and exceed European ingredient standards. They are produced in small batches in the USA using minimal preservatives, no animal products or by-products, and no petrochemicals or formaldehyde donating chemicals. 

As a Certified B Corporation Arbonne walks the talk when it comes to care for the environment, for example by prioritizing the reduction and recycling of packaging.

We're excited to offer the Rejuvenation Massage in collaboration with skin and gut health expert Shana Groseclose. Shana provides consultations on how to improve your health through skin care and dietary choices and leads a monthly 30-day clean eating challenge.