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Oncology Massage

Cancer and treatments for cancer take their toll on the body and mind, and test the spirit.  I have been witness to profoundly difficult and moving experiences as family and friends walked this path.  These experiences led me to train in oncology massage therapy. 

Massage therapy for cancer patients and survivors by a trained professional is safe, nurturing, and may have positive health impacts such as improved sleep, reduced pain and anxiety, relief from nausea, improved mobility, and increased energy, while strengthening the immune system.  The immediate and long term impacts of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and the disease process itself call for a variety of adjustments and usually require a gentle and gradual approach that evolves over numerous sessions.  In almost all cases, massage therapy is possible, and even the most gentle bodywork can be deeply moving and impactful.

In 2009 I took an oncology massage intensive course taught by Lauren Cates of Lighthold.  I am a member of the Society for Oncology Massage.  I have volunteered my skills at Avon Walks for Breast Cancer and with Taking Care Portland.  You'll find more about my background at the "About" page on this website.

"Mom is feeling much better today. She just said, 'this is the best she has done in a year!'" - Randy B., March 2018

"Thank you for making me feel good when my body and mind were at its sickest. You are a healer Kim and I will never forget all the people who helped me through the worst journey in my life. I couldn’t have made it without all of the beautiful people who picked me up and carried my burden for me when I couldn’t."- Danette F., April 2017

"Kim is quite the find for me. As a cancer patient, as well as a former massage therapist, I appreciate his care, concern for my well-being, flexibility, and -- most importantly -- skill and sensitivity to what my body needs. He listens to what I ask for and provides it." - David B., October 2014

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